Why it’s Important to Correctly Dose CBD Products

Correctly Dosing CBD Products

It's important to correctly dose CBD products to match with the packaging. Dozens of brands are incorrectly dosing their products and even not dosing at all.

While it is clear that CBD is extremely beneficial for medicinal purposes, it may not always be clear as to how much CBD you should take. CBD users must get in the habit of correctly dosing their CBD to match the packaging of the CBD products that they purchase. Part of the problem for many people is simply a matter of not having the discipline to take the time to dose their CBD properly. However, being disciplined in your CBD regimen only half of the battle!

The big problem for many CBD users is that even if they make a concerted effort to dose their CBD properly, according to package specifications, they can't. Why? Sadly, many of the CBD brands online, even many of the mainstream brands, do not properly prescribe correct dosing on their products' packaging. More importantly, it's often the case that the ingredients and percentages listed on the package are not truly what's inside of the package. Therefore, accurately dosing CBD is virtually impossible in many instances!


CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Properly dosing your CBD depends on what you are using it for, and of course, the ability to properly dose CBD largely rests on the dependability and the accuracy of the CBD brands that you purchase. It is important to keep in mind that you get different effects with different dosages. If you are looking for wellness enhancement, anxiety relief, stress relief, depression relief, and help with getting through the day-to-day grind of everyday life, then 10-20mgs of CBD per dose might suffice. This would be about a dropper-full, even a half-dropper-full of CBD oil.

For people who are looking for this kind of relief from CBD, they can usually achieve an adaptogenic effect with smaller doses. In other words, these smaller doses of CBD can help you to reduce or eliminate stress, help you to feel more buoyant, and keep your immune system functioning optimally through the week.

Science and research are showing that hemp-derived CBD boosts the normal receptors in the body of endocannabinoids, the neurotransmitters or signaling agents in our bodies. So, we can boost these receptors and boost the natural substances in our bodies with even small amounts of CBD. If you take smaller doses, assuming that what's advertised on your CBD product's packaging is actually what's in the bottle, you can experience an enhancement every day. Also, keep in mind that, with CBD, the longer you use it, the better it works for you.

Correctly Dosing CBD for Pain

If you are someone who lives with chronic pain, such as chronic back pain, chronic joint pain, or if you are recovering from a chronic illness, you will likely need a bit more CBD than the person who is simply using it for wellness enhancement each day. Green Glass Labs recommends titrating your dosage up. You can start by taking a smaller dosage of, say, 10-20mgs of CBD at a time, and you can increase the dosage from there if you find that this amount is insufficient in alleviating your pain.

There are some people who take as much as 200-300mgs of CBD each day, which is fine in terms of health and safety, as there is no overdosing with CBD. The only problem with taking this much CBD every day is that it becomes very expensive for the average person. Again, having the patience and the discipline to start with the smaller doses of CBD and titrate your way up can help you to find the ideal dosage to deliver the relief that you need for your symptoms or conditions.


Labeling Accuracy for Cannabidiol Extracts Sold Online

CBD is a very attractive natural alternative to narcotics because CBD doesn't have any known side-effects or health risks. Also, it does not appear that anyone has ever gotten habituated to CBD, even when they take large amounts every day over extended periods. The problem is that there is a little-to-no oversight for CBD packaging. Indeed, CBD is like the Wild West of the online marketplace in several respects.

CBD retailers often white label their products from other manufacturers, which simply means that they get their CBD products from another company, and then the company you purchase the CBD from slaps their own label and brand on the bottle. This isn't to say that white labeling products is a bad thing, but unfortunately, many companies that sell white label CBD products are not concerned with what's inside the bottle as much as they are with making a profit.

Green Glass Labs Provides Documentation on All of Our CBD Products

Green Glass Labs is a white label CBD company, meaning that we white label our products to other CBD companies. If you purchase your CBD from a company that white labels our products, then you are in good hands. Green Glass Labs tests all of our products for potency, quality, and purity, and we have all of our products tested by third-party laboratories for verification. Documentation is always available upon request. This is important for CBD consumers because you can't properly dose CBD if the products aren't accurately labeled in the first place. For example, if you purchase a CBD oil tincture that is advertised at 500mgs of CBD, but come to find out, there is actually just 50mgs of CBD in the tincture, then you would probably think that CBD doesn't work, and you wouldn't get any of the benefits of CBD unless you consumed the entire bottle at once!

If you read many of the negative reviews about the effects of CBD online, you’d have to wonder how many of those complaints are from people who did not receive a quality CBD product. If you look at all of the countless raving reviews about how amazing CBD has been for people with all kinds of symptoms, ailments, and conditions, then you have to wonder what the cause for the discrepancy is between the people who have loved CBD and from those who claim that CBD did nothing for them. We assume that the negative reviews largely come from people who purchased inferior products from sketchy CBD retailers.

Ads Pitching CBD as a Cure-All are Everywhere, but Oversight Hasn't Kept Up

CBD has exploded in popularity in recent years because of its efficacy. Research shows that CBD is very beneficial in a wide variety of applications. Therefore, the trend of CBD use has sky-rocketed in North America, and by all indicators, that trend is projected to continue into the coming years.

As a result of the sky-rocketing demand for CBD products, ads pitching CBD as a cure-all are all over the Internet! Unfortunately, oversight has not kept up. The downside of a lack of oversight with CBD products is not only that dosing and CBD concentration percentages might be off, but there may also be toxins in your CBD oil. Consuming these toxins could be bad for your health.

Green Glass Labs is not telling you that your CBD is toxic. How could we know unless we had your products and tested them ourselves? What we are saying is that if you can't trust a CBD retailer or manufacturer to accurately represent the CBD concentrations of their products on their package labels, then how can you trust them to tell you what ingredients are inside. After all, they might not even know what's inside of their own products!

How to Buy the Best Safe and Effective CBD Products

The simple answer would be to find a CBD retailer that you can trust and only buy your products from that retailer continuously. Better yet, only buy CBD products directly from the manufacturer. Still, not all extractors and manufacturers are created equally! Therefore, you need to do your homework if you want to purchase and use the best safe and effective CBD products for your health and wellness. Doing your homework involves several stages.

A good starting point is to read reviews about the products that you are interested in. Now, keep in mind that not all reviews are credible. The fact is; there are lots of bloggers and YouTubers who will review and recommend any product, good or bad, because they get an affiliate commission if you purchase the products through their links. This isn't to say that a product review should be disqualified if the reviewer is receiving affiliate commissions for the product. It just means that you want to dig a little deeper. Also, keep in mind that it is commonplace for retailers and manufacturers to create false reviews for their products to boost their credibility online.

When searching for the best safe and effective CBD products with honest packaging, you should always look for the companies that are widely trusted. Look for Google reviews, social media reviews, and other reviews on platforms that might seem a little more organic. You'll want to look for reviews from people who are using CBD products for reasons similar to why you would be using the products. Pay attention to how they dosed the products and what relief or benefits they experienced from taking these products.

Once you find a product or a manufacturer that you think you can trust, ask for the paperwork before you make a purchase. It's easy for anyone to start a website and white label CBD products. They can tell you anything that you want to hear, including that their products are honestly labeled and third-party tested. Unfortunately, in this Wild West type of online marketplace, you can't just take people at their word. As the old saying goes, "Trust but verify."


A legitimate CBD manufacturer is going to understand your apprehension, and they are not going to be upset of offended if you ask them to see paperwork to validate their claims about their products. Rather than ignoring you or even getting frustrated or upset because you ask to see documentation, they are going to be proud to show you proof that they are legit, and they are going to be very accommodating win your business. At least, that's how Green Glass Labs operates.

What's the Correct CBD Intake and Dosage for You

For most people, the average CBD intake and dosage is probably going to be between 10-20mgs per dose up to three times a day. Of course, this will vary from person to person, and it assumes that the CBD products the person is using are accurately labeled and dosed. Also, the method in which you consume your CBD will impact how strongly you feel the benefits and how quickly the CBD kicks in.

Other people might find that they need to take 50-100mgs of CBD a day to achieve the relief that they need, and for people with debilitating chronic pain, they might find that they need to dose even more than that! Again, titrate your CBD intake. Start off small and incrementally take more until you find the right dosage levels and dosage times each day.

Also, keep in mind that when you take CBD, you are getting a bunch of other cannabinoids and terpenes as well. These additional compounds enhance the effects of your CBD so that you don't need to take as much to get the results that you desire. If you are not interested in these other cannabinoids and terpenes, and all you want is CBD, then you can purchase CBD isolate instead. Note, many people who use CBD isolate have stated that they need more of it to get any effect at all, as much as 750mgs per day!

As you can see, all of the other compounds that come in the cannabis herb, hemp, are extremely important for you to get the effect that you want to achieve with CBD.

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