Why CBD Vapes Can be a Great Delivery System of CBD

CBD Vapes

If you need instant relief, what’s the best way to get CBD into your system fast? Vaping CBD provides the fastest delivery of CBD into the bloodstream of any of the methods of consuming CBD. Of course, whether or not you vape CBD will largely depend on your needs and preferences. Some people can't stand smoking or vaping anything. Other people will vape due to health concerns. For these kinds of people, vaping CBD would obviously not be the best solution, even though CBD vapes provide the best delivery system of CBD into the body. The good news is that there are countless ways to consume CBD, each of which is effective in its own right. Consider some of the most common ways that CBD is used today aside from vaping:

  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Beverages
  • CBD Oil Drops
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Powder

While there are many popular methods of consuming CBD, smoking and vaping CBD are probably the best methods of consumption for people who need instant relief from persistent symptoms.

Why is Vaping CBD the Best Means of Delivery into the Bloodstream?

Just like anything else that you inhale through your lungs, CBD will get into your bloodstream and travel to your brain and your other vital organs a lot faster than it would via any other consumption method. You’ll feel the difference almost immediately after you take a puff! This is the same reason why more nicotine consumers prefer smoking cigarettes over any other method of nicotine consumption. One puff gives them an instant nicotine fix that can't be rivaled, short of injecting the nicotine directly into their blood. Fortunately, not too many people do that!

When you vape CBD, it's the same thing as smoking it, essentially. Granted, vaping is not the same as smoking, and a lot of smokers switch to vaping to help them quit smoking because, theoretically, vaping is healthier than smoking. Still, you get the point. Inhaling CBD through the lungs will provide for the instant delivery of CBD into the blood, the brain, the cannabinoid receptors, and the areas within the body that need the medicine of CBD. People with chronic pain, severe social anxiety, seizures, and people with other types of disorders can benefit greatly from vaping CBD!

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Aside from Instant CBD Delivery, What are Some of the Other Benefits of CBD Vapes?

Of all the different ways you can consume CBD, vaping CBD provides the fastest absorption rate, meaning that you will feel the effects of the CBD immediately after you vape it. Additionally, because of the very effective absorption rates of CBD vapes, vaping also provides CBD users with the highest possible bioavailability, which simply means that more compounds and terpenes will be absorbed by your body than would with any other means of consumption. Essentially, vaping CBD is the most potent way to consume it.

Also, you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that one of the biggest advantages for individuals who vape CBD is portability and convenience. You can carry your vaporizer or pen everywhere you go and use it very easily. You can put the pen in your pocket and pull it out at any time to take a puff. This will provide instant relief on the spot if you start to feel dreadful or overly anxious.

What is the Downside of Vaping CBD?

One of the biggest downsides of vaping CBD is that some brands use harmful thinning agents in their vape juice. When these agents reach high temperatures, they can become very unhealthy and especially dangerous for people who are vaping a lot at once. This can lead to irritation, allergic reactions, or even worse! Fortunately, this problem can be avoided by being aware of this danger and choosing to purchase your vape juice from a reputed dealer like Green Glass Labs.

FYI, you should always check the ingredients when you purchase CBD vape juice from a new source. If the company doesn't list their ingredients, and if the products are not third-party tested for validation, don't purchase your CBD vape juice from that company. Find a better vendor.

The two agents that you want to avoid because of potential toxicity are polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Aside from the health risks associated with these two ingredients, vaping CBD should be safe in general. CBD vaping has been popular for many years now, and a lot of studies have done on the topic. There have been virtually no side-effects or dangers aside from the ones mentioned already. So, if you choose natural products from a reliable manufacturer, you should be perfectly safe vaping CBD. However, if you have a pre-existing condition with your lungs, you should be sure to speak to your primary care physician before choosing to start vaping.

Are There Any Other Disadvantages to Vaping CBD?

Again, vaping isn't for everyone. The method in which you decide to consume your CBD should be based on your individual needs, goals, and preferences. One of the main benefits of vaping CBD is that it provides the fastest delivery system of CBD into the bloodstream, which equates to instant relief from many symptoms. However, as the old saying goes, "Easy come, easy go!"

Vaping CBD means that you will get the fast and instant relief that you crave, but the effects will also wear off a lot quicker. Typically, when you vape CBD, the effects will only last for about two to three hours. This means that you will have to consume a bit more CBD than you would if you took the CBD via a different consumption method. For example, if you were to consume CBD via edibles, it would take a lot longer for the CBD to kick in - probably up to an hour, whereas the benefits of vaping CBD would be instantaneous. At the same time, the effects of the CBD would probably last between five to eight hours if you digested the CBD vs. vaping it.

What is the Best Way to Vape CBD Oil?

One of the most common ways to vape CBD is with a CBD pen. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you use a disposable pen because disposable vape pens provide the easiest way of vaping CBD. It's also one of the cheapest ways! These tiny CBD vape pens come pre-filled with vape juice and a built-in battery. You don't need to press any buttons to use it or configure it first. You just pull it out when you are ready and inhale it like you would a cigarette. Users generally get anywhere from 50 to 300 puffs out of these pens before they need to be disposed of.

If you are an advanced vape user, then you can try a rechargeable CBD pen. The difference is that you will have to fill these pens yourself with vape juice. The advantages of rechargeable vape pens are that they usually create more flavor and vapor than the disposable pens do, and they are more cost-effective in the long-run. However, it should be noted that rechargeable vape pens require more maintenance than disposable vape pens do, such as changing the coil and cleaning the tank. They also require a bit more knowledge to operate, but they are still pretty easy to get the hang of.

If you decide to go with a rechargeable vape pen, you'll want to be sure to read the user manual that comes with it carefully.

Other Ways You Can Vape CBD for Fast Delivery

The second easiest way to consume and dose your CBD - next to CBD vape pens - is by using CBD vape cartridges and pods. Cartridges are vape tanks that are pre-filled with CBD vape juice or distillate. You need to attach the cartridges to an e-cigarette battery. Since the pre-filled cartridges are disposable, they require very little maintenance. If you have not used a CBD vape cartridge before, we recommend that you read the manual that comes with them, although they are not very hard to use at all.

CBD pods are similar to CBD cartridges, but they are compatible with a Juul battery. These are the most common ways of vaping CBD today.

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What's the Best Dosage with CBD Vaping?

When determining the right dosage for you, you will want to keep in mind that it depends on your reason for using CBD, and you want also to be aware that everyone reacts differently to CBD. For this reason, Green Glass Labs recommends that you start low and titrate your CBD dosage until you find the correct dosage for your needs. By "starting low," we mean that you should start with about 5 or 10mgs and work your way up until you find the dosage that delivers the relief you need.

Vaping is a very good way to determine your proper CBD dosage. Since you can feel the results immediately when you vape CBD, you should know fairly quickly whether the amount that you are taking is working for you or not. If you start low and discover that 5 to 10mgs of CBD per dose is not enough, then you can increase the dosage by 5mgs every time until you achieve your desired effect.

What's the Best Delivery System of CBD if I Don't Vape?

As we have seen, vaping CBD is by far the best delivery system to get CBD into the body so it can get to work immediately. If, for some reason, vaping CBD is not practical for you, then smoking CBD-rich cannabis or hemp flower might be your next-best option. If smoking flower doesn't appeal to you, then you can try CBD oil tinctures as the next-best thing. To be clear; Green Glass Labs only sells hemp-derived CBD products, and we do not sell flower.

If rapid delivery is your top concern or priority, and smoking or vaping CBD doesn't work for you, then CBD oil tinctures are a viable option. Of course, CBD oil tinctures do not deliver CBD to the bloodstream as fast as vaping and smoking will. However, the delivery of CBD oil tinctures is still quite fast compared to digesting CBD via edibles, beverages, capsules, powder etc. With CBD oil tinctures, all you have to do is place a dose of oil under your tongue with the dropper that comes included with the tincture. You'll want to let the oil sit under your tongue for about one minute or so (the longer, the better). Consuming CBD oil by tincture usually takes about half of the time of digesting it for it to kick in, but once it kicks in, the effects last for hours and hours.

Don't Overlook the Fast Delivery of CBD Topicals!

Whether you consume CBD vapes, flower, or tinctures, or not, you still should not overlook the fast-delivery potential of CBD topicals. Specifically, CBD topicals can be extremely beneficial to CBD users with arthritis, joint pain, and muscle pain. When CBD is added to balms and lotions, it can then be applied directly to you troubled areas for fast topical relief that is almost immediate.

If your pain or discomfort is just under the skin, then CBD topicals can provide even faster delivery than CBD vapes. Again, it all comes back to the same point - the way that you consume CBD will depend largely on your needs, goals, and preferences.

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