Premium Hemp Flowers

Premium Hemp Flowers

Hemp flowers are the products of the female hemp plant and are otherwise known as CBD buds or hemp buds. They occur when the plant reaches maturity. The most popular ways of consuming hemp flowers are smoking, vaping, or cooking. 

Where will you find hemp flowers?

Vape products

The young generation considers vaping to be a stylish and more responsible way of consuming the buds. The method does not result in combustion, as is common in other forms of smoking. Other components of premium hemp flowers include:

  • Terpenes
  • Minerals
  • Aromatic molecules
  • Vitamins
  • Proteins
  • Fatty acids

The CBD and other properties get quick absorption into the bloodstream, from the lungs. People who want fast pain relief find it to be preferable for boosting the cannabinoid in the system. 


Hemp flowers are useable with water pipes or bongs. This method is particularly common with people who want it for recreational purposes. 


Dried hemp flowers are an excellent cooking ingredient. They do not have a unique herbal taste and retain the full benefits of the bud. Other people enjoy using it as oil, to season food or fruit puddings. 

The relaxation effect also makes it a preferable choice for drinkers who do not like the downside of alcohol. The mental high of premium hemp flowers is more like a subtle relaxation, and not that of Marijuana. 

Why use premium hemp flowers?

The highest top-shelf quality of these flowers will be of the highest CBD straining process. The products are organically grown and undergo a slow and natural curing procedure. The only problem is one may not know which hemp flowers are as top-notch as the manufacturer may state 

Types of CBD flowers

You may be familiar with the strains if you already know about the strains of Marijuana. There are many types, inclusive of the following:

Bubba Kush

This flower has thirteen percent of the CBD and a legal THC amount of 0.03 percent. It is a hybrid with Indica content and makes an excellent sedative strain. The three most dominant terpenes are Limonene, Farnasene, and Caryophyllene. 


This bud has an abundance of terpenes. It is particularly beneficial to anti-inflammatory products. Cascade is common in both online and offline shops.


This flower is the creation of merging two types of buds. The fragrance is soothing to the nostril; hence, it is easy to use. Each flower has seventeen percent of CBD and a THC level of 0.3 percent.   

Should you test the hemp buds for quality?

A full panel of the examination will highlight the potency. Other factors that will be tested by Green Glass Labs are:

  • The presence of microbial
  • The percentage ratio of moisture
  • Presence of pesticides or heavy metals
  • The content level of mycotoxins
  • Occurrence and levels of yeast and mold 

A proper test will be per the laws of the locality. Typically, most states will have an instructional requirement to test levels of delta-9 THC. Standard tests will include the following evaluations: