Making CBN Products

What is CBN and Why Should you Make It?

If you're making CBD products, you should make CBN products. What products to make and bulk material available through trusted suppliers.

The CBD boom is ongoing in North America, and a lot of people are still getting in on the action. The CBD boom has ushered in a massive wave of product and technology innovation that is simply unrivaled in American history! There is no wonder that so many entrepreneurs are still entering the CBD business, even though the industry is currently flooded with all types of products, brands, manufacturers, extractors, etc. Make no mistake; there is still a lot of money to be made in CBD, but the real money is in CBN!

CBN is the CBD industry's best-kept secret. CBN is fastly becoming one of the most popular cannabinoid compounds, and there is still virtually no competition in this marketplace. The CBN market is still in its infancy stages, so now is the time to get in if you want to do so! If you are thinking about starting a CBD business, think twice! Instead, think about creating CBN products. With CBN, there is still enormous room to grow (no pun intended), and we suggest that CBN businesses that get established now will thrive for many, many years to come!


The most exciting part about CBN isn't so much what we already know as what we still have to learn. Many of CBN's health benefits have already been discovered, but research is ongoing. Scientists are still figuring out the potential health benefits and applications of CBN. One thing is for sure; we still expect many more breakthroughs to come! Are you ready to get started in the CBN industry?

What are the Best Options for People Who Want to Sell CBN Products?

Whether you own a well-established CBD business and you are looking to tap into the CBN market, or you are creating a new startup and would like to focus on CBN product development, there is plenty of room for you. You have the option to white label another company's CBN products, which is a great option for new startups with limited capital that need to generate some cash flow while they continue to develop. White labeling CBN products can work great for you if you know what you are doing. If not, we highly recommend that you seek to consult with an expert first.

If you are planning to white label CBN products, you will want to make sure that you choose a partner who is committed to quality and integrity above all else. Make sure that the products you intend to white label are pure, clean, and tested by a third-party firm. Choose a partner who has an established track record of doing what's right, as you will be staking the success and reputation of your brand and your business on their products.

The other option that you have is to develop your own CBN products and introduce them to the marketplace. Make no mistake; this is much more difficult, costly, and time-intensive than white labeling existing products. The risk is much higher, and your chance of failing is much higher if you decide to go this route. Creating a new product is incredibly challenging, even for experienced entrepreneurs. If you are not familiar with the processes, you might be overwhelmed by just how much goes into it!


First, you need to do your research. This includes product research, ingredient research, and market research. You need to read scientific studies and publications, some of which will conflict with other reports. You will have to make sense of all the data and determine which ingredients synchronize best with one another. Then, you have to research your market. You can take either one of two approaches here:

  • Find a void in the market and create a product that no one else has made.
  • Find out what's working best so far and duplicate. When possible, always seek to find some aspect of the product that you can improve.

Finally, once you have done all of this, you then need to find a supplier for all of the raw materials that you need. This includes CBN, other ingredients, packaging, labels, etc.

How to Create a CBN Product from Scratch

Just like with CBD, there are certainly some products that sell better than others both locally and across the board. Still, deciding which product you want to create isn't as simple as looking at what the best-sellers are doing and duplicating their success. For example, you wouldn't want to create another product that already has a ton of existing competition for it when you could create a product that is maybe slightly less in demand but has virtually no competition.

When determining the CBN products that you will introduce into the marketplace, you need to research, research, research, and then research more! Figure out who your target audience is. This can only be done once you figure out what problem you are trying to solve. For example, will you be creating a CBN product that helps people with insomnia get to sleep? Are you going to be creating a CBN product that helps people with chronic pain? Are you going to be creating a CBN product that helps people with anxiety disorders? Once you figure out the problem that you intend to solve, then you can determine who your audience is.

Establishing what problem you intend to solve will not only help you to figure out who your target audience or market is, but doing so will also help you to determine how to best craft your message for marketing and advertising. More importantly, doing so will help you to figure out how you can best create your products to solve best the exact problem that you want to address. Although it might seem like a good idea to create a CBN product that appeals to everyone who can benefit from CBN, it's usually best to hone in on one problem or segment of the market.

Think of it like this; rather than being the jack of all trades and the ace of none, you could become the ace of one. It might be enticing to create a product that can be used by people with all sorts of symptoms and conditions, but your life will be a lot easier, and your product will be a lot better if you just focus on solving one problem.

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What Kind of CBN Products Sell the Most?

To help you get the creative juices flowing a bit, let us discuss some of the most popular CBN products on the market today and why they are the favorites of many:

  • CBN Vape Cartridges

    A lot of people like to vape. Naturally, these people are attracted to CBN vape products when they come across them, assuming that they are interested in CBN. People prefer to vape for several reasons, including the fact that vaping is often seen as cool. Vaping CBN is fast, easy, and convenient. Vaping is also very discreet because, as far as the public is concerned, it's just plain-old e-liquid in your vaporizer. CBN vape cartridges and CBN e-liquids are not easy to manufacture, and there is a period of trial and error with almost any kind of product creation. One of the best benefits of CBN vaping is fast absorption into the bloodstream. CBN takes effect almost immediately after it is inhaled, providing medicinal effects right away to its users. This is especially important to people with epilepsy and or chronic pain!

  • CBN Edibles

    Just like CBD, there is already a slew of CBN edibles on the market today. A lot of people like CBN edibles because, if they are made properly, they can taste great and do their job. CBN edibles are very discreet and can be incorporated into a person's diet naturally. There are all sorts of edibles out there, including beverages, gummies, chocolates, baked chips, and more.

  • CBN Capsules and Pills

    CBN capsules and pills are very popular because they are often viewed as being more "official" or "legit" than traditional edibles are. Edibles seem more fun, whereas CBN pills and capsules seem more serious. Since as many as 60% of all adults in America take some form of supplements each day, these types of CBN users like pills and capsules because they can easily incorporate them into their current supplement regimen. The only setback with CBN edibles, capsules, and pills is that they all take the better part of an hour to kick in. Unlike vaping, where the CBN enters the bloodstream via the lungs almost instantaneously upon inhalation, ingested CBN must run its course through the digestive system before it starts to work. These methods of consumption are great for people who want to manage their symptoms or conditions with CBN proactively, but for people who need instant delivery, vaping will be the best option.

  • CBN Oil Tinctures

    Of all the products out there, CBN, like CBD, is most commonly consumed sublingually. CBN oil can be placed under the tongue with a dropper, and this method tends to bring about noticeable results for the user slightly faster than edibles and supplements do. Still, the delivery of CBN oil is not nearly as fast as vaping.

Invest in a High-Speed, High-Shear Mixer

No matter what kind of CBN products you intend to make, you will do well to invest in a high-speed, high-shear mixer, such as a Silverson. The key to any successful CBN product is in the formulation, and it's just not possible to get the formulation right at the speeds that a business requires without a good mixer. Indeed, a good mixer is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again.


Where to Find the Best Suppliers for Bulk CBN Materials

Starting a business or creating a new product requires lots of raw materials up-front. Sure, the package, the label, the logo, the jargon; all of this is incredibly important for optics and brand development. Still, nothing is more important than the quality of the product inside of the package! This truth is amplified ten times when it comes to CBD-related products! That's why you should spend the bulk of your time perfecting your product. Of course, a product can only be as good as the ingredients that are used to make it, and this is why Greenglass Labs recommends Spectra Labs for wholesale bulk CBN.

Spectra Labs can be described in two words: quality and integrity. That is why Greenglass Labs recommend them to our followers. Spectra Labs owns large-scale hemp farms in Central Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky. All together, Spectra Labs operates more than a dozen large hemp farms! If you are looking for wholesale CBN for R&D or production, Spectra Labs has you covered. No order is too large for them to fill! Plus, Spectra Labs offers standard delivery and overnight delivery options to get you your CBN as fast as you need it.

One of the things that we love about Spectra Labs is its commitment to superior quality in all of their products. This is seen at every phase of their operations, from planting to harvesting to extracting and distilling. Spectra Labs uses sophisticated equipment to distill their CBN extracts, which makes it purer, cleaner, and more potent. Distillation is the process of turning a liquid extract into vapor and then cooling it to turn it back into a liquid again. This eliminates the contaminants and impurities in the original extract.

Start Changing the World Today with Your CBN Product

If you are ready to start making your own unique CBN products, why not get started now? Use the tips and advice that we have given to you here to take the next step in your CBD business. Too often, entrepreneurs fall victim to analysis paralysis. We get caught up in trying to get everything right first, but then, we never take action. Just pull the trigger if you are ready to start. Trust us when we tell you that now is the time to start making your own CBN products. Now is the time to get in on CBN!


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