Hemp clothing

Hemp clothing

The world is growing to a more eco-friendly conscience with the wave to adopt a more organic eating habit and a massive increase in local and international tourism. Nature is enticing to people who want to spend more time outside the brick corporate walls and organizations seeking to have at least a little impact on the ecology of a region. 

This shift to nature has also triggered true lovers of nature to consider further ways of adapting an ecologically friendly method of fashion. Organic clothing is a responsible way of interacting with the environment to source raw materials. The newest sources of organic clothes are hemp and soy. 

What is hemp clothing?

Hemp fabric is a textile made using fibers from the stems of the Cannabis plant. The plant is extraordinarily durable, with observations indicating that it can last for at least one millennium. Farmers are, however not always open to extracting the needed stalks because of the psychoactive effect during its study. 

What is the process of producing hemp fabric?

Cannabis is bred for two particular reasons – the production of cannabis supplements and as a source for better clothing fibers.

  • Proper cultivation of the cannabis plant
  • Harvesting
  • Retting, which is the breakdown of hemp fibers with naturally occurring fungi and bacteria. Standard retting methods include soaking the harvest in water or laying it on the ground that receives plenty of dewing.
  • Breaking
  • Scutching, which is inserting physical pressure on stems to remove unwanted particles
  • Roving, to improve the strength of the extracted material
  • Hackling, which refines the stems by removing finer unwanted content
  • Spinning the stems to dry them off 

Scientific benefits of using hemp for clothing

Easy maintenance

Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics in the clothing industry. It has natural pest-resistant qualities, hence does not require intensive support during its growth. The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center states that hemp requires less water than cotton. Hemp is a powerful anti-toxin that minimizes the absorption of toxic content from the ground. 


Manufacturers can use industrial hemp to produce other valuable items apart from fabric. The Green Glass Lab has high-quality equipment that can test the quality of your products before realizing them for sale. You can start a holistic hemp business on the right path by assuring clients with a stamped and official laboratory report. 

Health benefits

Hemp textile has powerful antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. This case is because there are few chemical allergens in the fabric. 


Hemp that is processed into fabric sustains its long-lasting capability. Research states that the textile softens with time, hence it is convenient for the procession of high-quality top-tier clothing. The material offers reliable protection against UV rays and will be a prudent addition in the summer closet. 

How to start a hemp business

The easiest way is to source bulk materials from authentic hemp manufacturers. Verify the quality of the content by screening them using Green Glass Lab’s resources. Alternatively, find an already authenticated seller who will give you a favorable business deal.


Hemp clothing