Hemp cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes

If you’re a manufacturer of hemp cigarettes and are interested in improving sales, contact Greenglass Labs for a Certification of Analysis for your products. Your customers will appreciate knowing the details of your hemp cigarettes, such as whether they’re organically grown or contain additives. If you have nothing to hide, lab testing can demonstrate to your customers your commitment to providing a superior product.

Does Quality Matter in Cigarettes?

Today’s consumers are looking for healthier options. Smokers are switching to vaping and are looking for tobacco alternatives that will deliver a similar smoking experience without the tars and added nicotine. Your company’s hemp cigarettes could be the next great natural product on the market, but in order to provide accurate information to customers, you’ll need to hire a lab that can offer insight into what your cigarettes contain. At Greenglass Labs, we offer custom testing that establishes the quality of your company’s products, providing trustworthy data.

Who Smokes Hemp Cigarettes?

Smokers of all ages are looking at hemp for a healthier solution. From first-time smokers to veteran smokers who are interested in quitting tobacco products, consumers are taking a closer look at hemp cigarettes because they’re not just a smarter choice compared with tobacco, but they also provide health benefits. Savvy shoppers are not easily fooled- they’re looking to purchase a high-quality product. You can offer lab test results on your website or in your store location that provides peace of mind when buying your brand of hemp cigarettes. Our tests provide the following:

  • GC-MS & GC-FID Analysis, profiling flavor and fragrance and identifying the presence of pesticides, residual solvents, and preservatives
  • HPLC Analysis, validating safety and authenticity of your manufacturing standards
  • ICP-MS Analysis, looking for the existence of heavy metals
  • FTIR Analysis, to screen for quality control

Affordable Testing

At Greenglass Labs, we believe that by making our services affordable to manufacturers, we’ll better serve the needs of the industries we work in. We partner with manufacturers to make testing a cost-effective process, and we also perform our own tests on a wide range of products, providing transparent results on our site that you can view when making a purchasing decision.

Smart Shopping

If you’re shopping online for CBD products, tinctures, natural supplements, sleep aids, muscle rubs, or other alternative medicines, make your first stop online Greenglass Labs for trusted data on the products you’re thinking about buying. User reviews are not always reliable- our test results cannot be disputed.

Whether you’re comparing hemp cigarettes available on the Web for sale or are a hemp cigarette manufacturer interested in securing a Certificate of Analysis to boost sales, you’ll find our website is the best place to get started. As consumers find sales tricks and online reviews less and less helpful, our services are becoming more important as a means of insight into what’s really found in products that are sold as ‘natural alternatives’. The Greenglass Labs Reviewed Certification tells the story in full.