Full Spectrum CBD Topicals for Aches, Pains and Sports

Full Spectrum CBD Topicals

There have been countless comprehensive studies and extensive scientific research regarding the medicinal benefits of CBD topicals in the last decade alone! At this point, we can say that the benefits of CBD are undeniable! Because of CBD's well-documented range of natural healing capabilities, CBD has exploded in popularity in recent years. Still, there are tons of different CBD products on the market today, and not all of them deliver the same results. Likewise, not all CBD products and brands are created equally! What does this mean for you or the average CBD consumer? In a nutshell, it means two things:

  1. You want to identify the products that are going to work best for you, and these may or may not be the products that everyone else is using.
  2. You want to buy your products from a trusted name brand.

Choosing the wrong products, as good as they may otherwise be, and or choosing the wrong brands could result in zero-to-no results from your CBD regimen! Green Glass Labs wants your CBD regimen to be successful, as do you.


The key to accomplishing your goals with your CBD regimen is to understand exactly which conditions or symptoms you have that you want to alleviate or find relief for the most. Then, based on your goals, you should seek out the products that are most likely to help you accomplish those goals. For CBD users with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, full-spectrum CBD has proven to be more effective in providing fast, lasting, and thorough relief from symptoms. The same can be said of sports athletes who suffer strains, cramps, and injuries associated with the sports that they play.

For people with severe inflammatory and or autoimmune conditions, they may benefit more from taking topical CBD solutions for pain, aches, and cramps. However, Green Glass Labs recommends using a combination of CBD topicals and consumables for optimal results. Whether your pain is a result of sports-related trauma or some chronic inflammatory or autoimmune condition, our advice applies the same.

Should Use Full Spectrum CBD in Your CBD Edibles and CBD Topicals

Full-spectrum CBD, which is also commonly referred to as "whole-plant CBD," contains a multitude of other cannabinoids that work together synergistically to make the CBD that you consume more potent and effective at delivering the relief it is intended to provide. A common mistake that people make when choosing CBD products is going after CBD isolate over full-spectrum CBD. The misunderstanding is apparently based on the idea that CBD isolate must work better because it is pure CBD, and it is thus more potent than other forms of CBD, including full-spectrum CBD.

Interestingly, individuals who take CBD isolate often complain that they don't get the same results that they achieve when they consume full-spectrum CBD. Also, a lot of CBD users complain that they have to take a lot more CBD isolate to achieve results that are similar to what they attain with much smaller doses of full-spectrum CBD. Make no mistake; full-spectrum CBD usually works better! Again, this is due to the synergistic effect that is achieved with a full-spectrum CBD product.

To date, scientists have identified an astounding 113 unique cannabis compounds, each with their own "superpowers" and characteristics, and there is a good chance that they will discover more because CBD research is still in its infancy stages. Individually, these cannabis compounds can be very effective in whatever it is that they specialize in. For example, CBN (cannabinol) has been shown to work as a very powerful all-natural sedative. When used by itself, CBN can be quite effective. However, more CBN users claim that when CBN is used in a full-spectrum oil containing a host of other cannabinoids, they consume less of the oil and get better results at the same time.

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Is Full Spectrum CBD Legal?

To be clear; there are two different types of full-spectrum CBD products that you can choose from. First, there is full-spectrum CBD that is derived from the cannabis plant. This kind of CBD is known to contain often significant amounts of THC as well as CBD, enough to induce a psychoactive response for sure! On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD from Green Glass Labs is always going to be hemp-derived. In case you don't know, industrial hemp does not contain THC in significant amounts. However, hemp does contain the other cannabinoid compounds that create the entourage effect - the synergistic melding of cannabinoids that work together to create the ultimate delivery of CBD that we mentioned already.

Full-spectrum CBD that is derived from the hemp plant is legal in all 50 states. However, full-spectrum CBD that is derived from the cannabis plant is only legal in the states where cannabis has been legalized already. Further, you may still need a medical license to use full-spectrum CBD oil legally in these states. In states where cannabis has been legalized recreationally, you will need to be over the age of 21 to purchase or consume it, and you cannot have cannabis-derived full spectrum CBD delivered in the mail, as doing so would be a federal crime because the federal government still does not recognize the legality of cannabis, even in states where cannabis has been legalized. However, you may check with one of your local dispensaries to see if they have full-spectrum cannabis-derived CBD oil and if they offer a delivery service.

Green Glass Labs sells hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD oil exclusively. Since it is legal in all states and in the federal government, we can send your orders - no matter how small or large - to your location via the postal service. Don’t worry; we make our packages very discreet. Even though all of our products are legal in every state, we realize that it’s not everyone’s business what you get in the mail.

Do CBD Topicals Work Better than Consumables for Alleviating Pain Associated with Sports Injuries and Chronic Conditions?

People with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions and sports athletes - what do they have in common? Sadly, many of them suffer from excruciating aches and pain, many of which are unremitting. Often, the pain that athletes and people with these kinds of disorders cope with is debilitating! CBD can be a god-send for these kinds of people!

People with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disorders often suffer from embarrassing and painful conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. Sports athletes often contend with injuries and aches and pains that come naturally from the sports they play. Either way, CBD topicals can be very effective in delivering instant relief, especially if the topicals contain full-spectrum CBD!

Again, Green Glass Labs recommends a combination of CBD topicals and CBD consumables for said people. Applying an effective full spectrum CBD topical to muscles and joints that are sore or aching can provide some much-needed fast relief. Having a CBD rub on-hand is also highly advised. Your CBD rub or salve can be purchased from a brand name that you trust, or you could make your own at home as a lot of people are doing these days. Consuming full-spectrum CBD oil by tincture, capsule, or by edibles can help you in your proactive efforts to mitigate the pain and aches associated with medical and athletic conditions.

What Kind of Topicals Can I Make with full-spectrum CBD?

If you are someone who is interested in using CBD topicals, then you have to choose between buying CBD topicals pre-made or taking the DIY approach and making your own products. The upside to buying pre-made full spectrum CBD topicals is that all of the hard work has already been done for you. All you have to do is apply the topical whenever you need relief. The downside is that it can be difficult to find quality CBD topical products that you like and that are consistent.

On the other hand, you could make your own full-spectrum CBD topicals at home. People can make their own CBD body lotions, CBD lip balms, CBD Chapstick, and all kinds of ointments to promote the healing of their skin or the alleviation of pain underneath their skin. The downside to the DIY approach is that it's going to be a bit more time-consuming this way. The upside is that you get to control every single ingredient that goes into the topical, and you get the satisfaction of creating a salve that is exactly what you need it to be. If you would like to try to make your own salve, check out our recipe below.

A Recipe to Make Your Own Full-Spectrum CBD Salve At-Home

The process of making your own full-spectrum CBD topical salve is not as hard as you might think it is, so don’t be overwhelmed by the task. Just follow these simple steps below:


  • Beeswax - 10 grams (Candelilla wax is a good vegan alternative)
  • Jojoba oil - 10 grams
  • Hemp seed oil - 1 oz
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil - 1 oz
  • Vitamin E - 5 grams
  • Essential oils - 10 grams

Fill a medium-sized saucepan 2/3 full of water. Boil the water at a medium-high temperature. Place your beeswax and jojoba oil in a small metal pot and submerge the bottom of this pot into the larger pot so that the hot water can reach the bottom and the sides of the smaller pan with the mixture in it. Melt the mixture until it is completely liquified.

Next, add your hemp seed oil to the mixture while the mixture is still hot and liquified. Place the mixture back into the hot water and re-liquify, as it doesn't take long for the mixture to harden once it is removed from the heat. Heat the mixture thoroughly until it is completely liquified.

Add your CBD oil, vitamin E, and essential oils. Stir it while the mixture is still hot and liquified. You will notice that the mixture quickly begins to cool and take on a peanut butter-like consistency after you stir-in the final ingredients and remove it from the heat. This is what you want. The salve will harden a little bit more as it cools, but not too much more! This consistency makes it easy to spread.

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What Can I Expect from a Topical CBD Ointment if I Have Never Used One Before?

CBD topicals do a great job of getting CBD to the parts of the body that need it right now. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich compound that can not only relieve pain, but CBD topicals can also give you healthy, glowing, and luxurious skin. Although topicals are not intended to cure pain, all you have to do is search for reviews online, and you'll see countless testimonials of people who have used full-spectrum CBD topicals to obtain meaningful relief from arthritic, inflammatory, and autoimmune-related pain, as well as sports-related pain. Rarely will you find a product that is great for nourishing the skin, and at the same time, is an effective reliever of pain. CBD is truly unique and amazing!

Can CBD Topicals Help to Reduce Acne?

As you probably already know, psoriasis and eczema are merely symptoms of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions within the body. Using a CBD topical in conjunction with a full-spectrum CBD tincture can help psoriasis and eczema to clear up. But what about acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that will affect almost everyone at some point or another. CBD topicals can work wonders for people with mild to severe acne. This is especially true when the topical contains hemp seed oil in addition to full-spectrum CBD oil because hemp seed oil contains an astounding level of essential fatty acids and its makeup matches the lipids of human skin. A strong CBD topical with a hemp seed oil base can get under the skin and moisturize it, getting deep into the pores. Whereas the hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids that the skin needs, CBD oil is rich in antioxidants as well. This can help to eliminate dry skin and promote healing from the scarring and marking associated with acne.


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