CBG distillate

CBG distillate

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How Does CBG Distillation Take Place?

Green Glass Labs would like to provide you with an overview of CBG distillation, the differences between simple and fractional distillation, the applications these processes are used in, and how the processes work. As it relates to distillation, essentially, the principle is to separate a liquid from a mixture. The liquid is separated based upon the boiling point of a given liquid. The boiling point correlates with vaporing, so when that particular at a given heat temperature will phase change from liquid to gas.

Once this particular point is reached, the gas is converted back into a liquid through a condenser as it cools down the other side by purifying the liquid that is distilled. What's left behind is either the other solvents (in the case of fractional) or waste (in terms of simple distillation).

Should I Go for Fractional or Simple Distillation?

If you are recovering the same product on a regular basis, a simple distillation machine is the product that you would want to use. Simple distillation is used to recover a single solvent into a recovered container to be used at another time. Fractional distillation is the process of separating various component parts into different fractions to be recovered to be used at a different time. If you are recovering multiple products, you will want to use a fractional machine because that is the machine that will recover multiple fractions for you.

What Else are Distillation Machines Used for?

A typical or large, industrial example of this is the alcoholic beverage industry. Here, distillation is commonplace, and the purification of alcohol is necessary for the products. Other applications include laboratory applications where alcohol is being separated from xylene and histology. There are also industrial applications where solvent cocktails are used to clean precision equipment.

If you would like to learn more about CBD distillate products or about processes of distillation, contact Green Glass Labs today to speak with a representative.