CBD manufacturer

CBD manufacturer

Are you a CBD manufacturer selling online or in a brick & mortar location and looking for more sales each month? A certification of analysis from Greenglass Labs can make a big difference in the way your customers see you- and your products. We can provide transparency that builds trust in your customers, giving them one more reason to buy from you. Our Greenglass Labs emblem on your website or in a visible place in your store will show buyers your products have been tested and screened for impurities, heavy metals, and a number of other compounds.

How Can a CBD Lab Increase My Sales?

With so many CBD products available for sale, it’s only natural that consumers would be looking for the highest quality of products when placing an order. It’s not always easy for buyers to gain insight into what is in the CBD products they want to purchase. As a CBD manufacturer, you can make their choice an easier one by showcasing the Greenglass Labs logo as evidence of lab-testing performed on your CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, salves, and other products. Customers may not even need to see the results of tests- just knowing that your company is willing to let a lab review your products is often enough to make a sale.

What Will Custom Testing Do For My CBD Company?

Greenglass Labs can help you establish the quality of your CBD products with clear data your customers can trust. We can screen for contaminants, impurities, and other toxins, test for substances that are banned for athlete use, verify your product labels, and help with quality control- all with the single goal of helping you grow your business by creating trust that leads to new and repeat sales. Best of all, our testing is very affordable, so it will fit your budget; in fact, you can consider our services more of an investment than an expenditure.

The Next Great Brand

You could be the next biggest CBD manufacturer to the industry- transparency in manufacturing means everything to consumers today. So many CBD manufacturers are formulating products that contain artificial ingredients, additives, artificial colors, and fillers that detract from their products’ potency, making it challenging for buyers. Just knowing that your company is committed to removing the veil between your product and your customers provides peace of mind that leads to confidence in buying.

Request a Quote

Connect with our staff at Greenglass Labs to find out how affordable CBD product testing can help you improve your bottom line. We’ll get back to you promptly with more information so that you can make a smart decision regarding our services. You’ll also find information about us when you browse our website and check out the resources regarding our services. Hiring Greenglass labs to independently test your CBD products will be the best money you spend this year- and it will demonstrate to your customers how dedicated you are to their experience using your CBD products.