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Lack of sleep, in some form or another, plagues around 1/4 of all Americans. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are millions upon millions of people who turn to prescription medication for relief. Lack of sleep isn't just an annoying problem that you have to put up with - it can also be very harmful to your overall health. The irony is that the same prescription medications that are made to help people get to sleep often produce catastrophic side-effects that can lead to major health problems for the user.

CBD for sleep is not a new idea, and the best CBD sleep products are much safer and likely just as effective at helping people get to sleep at night. If you suffer from insomnia, take note. A recent study showed that 2/5 people who suffer from insomnia also suffer from some type of psychiatric disorder. Sleep loss is a serious problem, and we encourage you to try CBD if you haven't already. Greenglass Labs can help you find the best CBD sleep products on the market today.


Greenglass Labs Offers Independently-Tested CBD Products for Sleep

Greenglass Labs is a cannabis and hemp review site. We are CBD consumers just like you. Although we would like to think that the CBD products on the Internet are safe and are what they are advertised to be, the reality is that this isn't always the case. In fact, this is often not the case! Greenglass Labs is an independent firm that specializes in testing and ranking cannabis and hemp products. In other words, we give people like you the low-down on a wide range of products so that you can select the best products for yourself, your pets, and or your family.

For example, let's say you are looking for the best CBD sleep products. You can go to our website, click on the main menu at the top of the page, and click on Rankings. You will then be taken to a new page where you can view our rankings for CBD products that we have reviewed, view detailed reports, and shop from certified CBD products that we have tested.

Why We Test CBD Sleep Products

There are several reasons why Greenglass Labs provides the services that we offer. First and foremost, we want to hold CBD product manufacturers accountable. Every CBD company will sell you the sun, the stars, and the moon if you let them. They'll tell you everything that you want to hear. They'll tell you how their CBD products for sleep will change the world and change your life. Then, when you buy their products and take them, they don't work. Sadly, the CBD supplement industry is largely unregulated, so it's sort of like the Wild West of Internet retail.

Often, the CBD mgs advertised on the package aren't what's actually in the package, which makes accurate dosing impossible! Further, many CBD products, although they are marketed as "organic," contain all kinds of harmful contaminants, including pesticides and growth chemicals. So much for organic! That's what Greenglass Labs does - we hold CBD companies' feet to the fire and make sure that their products are what they say they are. This way, CBD consumers can come to our website and find the safest, best CBD products for sleep.


Full-Spectrum CBD for Sleep

If you are new to the world of CBD, and you are wondering what the best kind of CBD is for sleep, it can all get a little confusing. Between the different types of CBD that exist, the different product types, the different brands, and everything else, you might end up feeling overwhelmed. For example, you might hear about CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, or full-spectrum CBD. What is the difference? Which kind of CBD is best? If you don't know much about CBD, you would probably guess that CBD isolate sounds like the best bet for sleep.

CBD isolate is pure CBD. It comes in a powder form and is CBD isolated from every other plant compound. Hence, the name CBD isolate. Believe it or not, CBD isolate is not as powerful as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD is. CBD isolate can be added to existing products, such as hemp oil, but without all of the other plant cannabinoids and terpenes, CBD is not as effective.

Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD contain many of the plant cannabinoids and terpenes. When used together, these cannabinoids and terpenes create what is known as the "entourage effect." When CBD is used in a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oil, it works better and delivers quality results. Therefore, Greenglass Labs recommends full-spectrum CBD for sleep. If full-spectrum CBD is not an option for you, go with a broad-spectrum product.

Does CBD Make You Feel Tired During the Day?

A lot of people who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders complain about how the medication that they take not only knocks them out at night, but it also makes them lethargic and tired during the day. This effects their ability to function normally at work, and it might even make them a danger behind the wheel. CBD is an amazing cannabis compound. While CBD works wonders for sleep at night, it also gives you energy during the day. How is this possible? Let us explain it a little bit more.

When it comes to cannabis, there are two species - Sativa and Indica. When you think of Indica, think, "In da couch." Indica plants have a morphine-like effect that often makes users feel sleepy and lethargic. Indica strains are known for the full-body high that they provide. On the other hand, Sativas are known as energy-givers. Sativas promote creativity and are the kinds of strains that cannabis smokers use throughout the course of the day, while they still have to work or get a lot of things done. Sativa strains give their users mental energy and a cerebral high but still allow them to function otherwise normally.

Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a strain of the Sativa plant species. CBD is extracted from Sativas. Therefore, one might assume that CBD would not help with sleep since it is from the Sativa, energy-giving species of cannabis. How does it make you sleep, then?


CBD works as an adaptogen. In other words, CBD works with and adjusts to your body's normal rhythms. Therefore, if you take CBD during the day when you are wide awake, then it's going to help you be more awake and alert. If you take CBD at night when you are tired, it's going to help you get to sleep. During the day, CBD can help you to focus and have mental clarity, along with a jolt of energy. When taken at night, when your body is winding down, it will relax your mind so that you don't have endless racing thoughts. This is why CBD helps people to get to sleep at night.

Is CBD Addictive?

One of the biggest problems with prescription medication for sleep is that people become addicted to or dependent on them for sleep. Over time, people build up a tolerance to the drugs, and they either need more of them to get to sleep, or the medication no longer works for them. What's worse is that these medications often have alarming potential side-effects. CBD provides a viable natural alternative that is neither habit-forming or tolerance-diminishing. Further, unlike many of the popular sleep drugs on the market today, CBD won't cause you to have any of the crazy, vivid dreams that medication users often report. Most importantly, CBD doesn't have the nasty and often horrific side-effects that come with many prescription sleep-aids.

Should I Use CBN for Sleep?

CBD has become a popular choice for people who suffer from sleep loss, especially those who are seeking a natural remedy to get to sleep and stay asleep at night. However, there is another cannabinoid compound that is vying for recognition as an effective sleep-aid, and that is cannabinol (CBN). CBN is a non-THC, mildly psychoactive sedative that works much as a prescription sleep pill would. The difference is that you won't feel groggy in the morning with CBN. Whereas CBD is more of an adaptogen, conforming to the normal cycles of your body, CBN is more like a medication. It doesn't matter what time or how you feel when you take it, it's going to make you tired!

If you have tried CBD for sleep, but either it hasn't worked for you or you found that you had to take large amounts of it for it to work, then you should strongly consider trying CBN instead. CBN is more powerful than CBD, so please, don't drive or operate heavy machinery after taking CBN. CBN is perfect for taking when you are ready to fall asleep. If you inhale CBN, the effects are almost instantaneous. If you ingest CBN, it can take 40 minutes to an hour for it to kick in.


What are the Best CBD Products for Sleep?

If you have never seen all of the different CBD products on the market today, you might be shocked! For example, there are edibles, such as gummies, cookies, brownies, baked chips, candies, chocolates, and even beverages. Then, there are CBD pills and capsules. CBD oil tinctures are very popular, and of course, there are CBD vapes. Many CBD users smoke hemp or cannabis Sativa flower that is rich in CBD. It really doesn't matter what kind of products you use as long as the products are on the up and up. This is why it is of paramount importance to choose the right brands and retailers, and that's why Greenglass Labs tests, reviews, and ranks products for you - so you can easily find and choose the best CBD for sleep in one convenient location.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that different means of CBD consumption have different absorption and activation times. For example, if you are eating edibles, drinking beverages, or swallowing CBD capsules, these products will have to run their course through your digestive system before they reach your bloodstream and start to kick in. This process typically takes up to 40 minutes to an hour. On the other hand, if you smoke or vape CBD, the effects are immediate because the CBD enters the lungs and goes straight into the bloodstream, delivering instant relief. A happy middle would be CBD oil tinctures. CBD oil is ingested sublingually, which means it gets placed under the tongue. This method allows the CBD to enter your blood faster than it would if you ingested but not as fast as it would if you smoked or vaped it. Why does this matter?

When choosing the best CBD products for sleep, it is important to know what kind of delivery you want. If you need to get to sleep right now, then a little CBD flower or vape might be your best option. If you need to get the kids to bed, take out the trash, and let the dogs out before you hit the sack, then CBD oil tinctures might work best for you. If you have to finish up your homework, make a phone call, and take a shower before you go to bed, but it's also getting late, then one of the other methods of consumption might be ideal for you.

When searching for the CBD sleep products, remember, despite the advertising, all CBD does the same thing. A lot of CBD product-makers will advertise their CBD products as being "CBD for sleep." But CBD is CBD. What's really important is the delivery speed and making sure you are getting your CBD from a known and trusted retailer. That's why Greenglass Labs offers the review services that we offer. We buy CBD sleep products and other cannabis and hemp products, and we have them independently tested. We make all of the reports and relevant information available so that you can be an informed consumer.


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