CBD dog treats

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CBD is the latest thing that people are using to help a myriad of medical issues, from sleeplessness to anxiety. But can this cannabis derivative help your dog, too? Surprisingly for many, yes, and Charlie's Chewables is the safest place on the market to buy CBD dog treats. We have CBD bite-size dog treats and CBD pet drops, depending on your pet's needs and preferences.

What is CBD?>

CBD is a compound derived from the hemp plant. No, it won't get you high, but countless studies have verified CBD's significant and seemingly endless health benefits. It has been known for many years that CBD can help humans, but research is just starting shed light on how beneficial CBD is for animals. Charlie's Chewables is on the cutting edge of CBD for dogs treatment.

What are the Benefits of CBD for Dogs?

CBD dog treats are very beneficial for treating pet dogs with arthritis or nerve pain. We see this with lots of older and larger dogs. For example, dogs who have a hard time laying down due to arthritis pain will often circle around their mats repeatedly before finally laying down. When given Charlie's Chewables, the dog will be able to get up and lay down with relative ease.

Another benefit of CBD dog treats is that they have been demonstrated again and again to help calm dogs with anxiety issues. If you have a dog that is high-strung, anxious, barks a lot, or gets overly excited when you go for walks, CBD can potentially work miracles for them. CBD can be very helpful for dogs with storm phobia, traveling issues, or separation anxiety.

Believe it or not, CBD treats have been shown to benefit dogs in other ways, including relieving gastrointestinal tract conditions, as well as other types of inflammatory conditions, that are present in your dog.

What Do I Need to Know About CBD Dog Treats?

Charlie's Chewables is a safe and reliable retailer of CBD dog treats. We use superior ingredients and CBD that is extracted using the best practices in the industry. There are no toxins or harmful byproducts in our dog treats. They are very safe and healthy. This is an important point that we make, not to boast but to generate awareness to the issue, that not every CBD dog treat is safe for your dog to consume.

You can see a list of ingredients on our website. If your dog has any allergies, be sure to let us know, and we'll tell you whether or not Charlie's Chewables contain any of these ingredients. If your dog is allergic to ingredients in our bite-size treats, we recommend giving your dog our CBD oil pet drops. These can be placed directly under your dog's tongue. Although dogs typically don't enjoy these drops as much as they enjoy our chewables, the drops actually provide relief faster than the chewables do.

CBD dog treats