Cannabidiol suppliers

Cannabidiol suppliers

When buying CBD products, it’s advisable to consider not only their health benefits but also their legality. That will protect your interest as a consumer while ensuring  cannabidiol suppliers are only selling the best products.

At Green Glass Labs, we perform rigorous analytical tests to check the purity of cannabis products. And from our reviews, consumers can identify legal, quality products.

Is CBD Legal?

Laws and regulations surrounding the sale and use of CBD products may differ on federal and state levels in the United States. While the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 may have legalized the cultivation and sale of hemp, there are still regulations surrounding CBD. Under federal law, you’re only allowed to deal with hemp-derived CBD, while that from the marijuana plant remains illegal.

Different states, however, have varying laws concerning the use of cannabinoids derived from marijuana. In 11 states, which include California, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, marijuana is fully legal. On the other hand, in Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska, any kind of possession or use of marijuana products is illegal.

It’s vital to understand your state laws concerning the use and sale of marijuana. By ensuring that your state allows the sale and use of cannabis products, you avoid getting into trouble with the law.

Choosing the Best CBD Distributor

As a CBD product retailer, you need to identify distributors who supply legal and quality products. There are many distributors countrywide; hence, here’s what to look for in a good distributor:

  • Excellent Service – The CBD market is growing fast and has become quite popular, and this may leave many distributors overwhelmed. However, a well-organized distribution company will still be able to deliver orders on time, and always be available for communication. Poor services on the part of the distributor will affect your retail business, so look for a reliable one.
  • Product Quality – To ensure you don’t end up with fake or non-effective products on your shelves, make sure your distributor adheres to product quality. Get a distributor with a variety of quality products that will actually benefit your customers.
  • Product Selection – The more product variety your distributor supplies you with, the more you can offer your customers. You should source for different types of products at a price range your customers can afford.

How Can You Ensure You're Buying Quality CBD Products?

To make sure that you buy quality CBD products, you need to:

  • Pay attention to the ingredients listed on the product label. Not all cannabis products have the same effects, so check whether it actually contains CBD oil.
  • Watch out for CBD oil additives. If a product has too many additives besides cannabinoids, it may not be as effective. CBD oil should have only one or two non-cannabinoid additives that aid in its absorption.

Protect Your Health

Unfortunately, there are lots of cannabidiol suppliers selling sub-standard cannabis products. At Green Glass Labs, we provide you with science-backed reviews after thoroughly testing different consumer products in the laboratory. That helps consumers to avoid non-satisfactory and poor-quality products. Email us today on for any questions or queries.