Blissful Wizard Yield

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Blissful Wizard Yield

Just as the name implies, Blissful Wizard yield is a marijuana strain that fills up its users with bliss. The Blissful Wizard strain is a well-balanced hybrid from the Indica – Sativa Cannabis plant family. It is regarded as one of the world's most potent cannabis with a THC level of 34 percent. Its potency has made it worthy of seasoned cannabis connoisseurs of the strong taste. If you doubt its influence, you can read through this Blissful Wizard strain reviews to see what others said about this strain.  

Blissful Wizard Strain Information

With the Blissful Wizard marijuana strain recognized among the most potent cannabis strains, it has a smooth and fast-acting quality. When taken, it gives its users a bubbling and easygoing high compared to riding on a euphoric bliss cloud. Although the strain tends to ignite a bad case of munchies, it's great for daytime use. Blissful Wizard yield produces buds usually smaller than average, but its soaring THC level left marijuana enthusiast with nothing to complain about. During its cultivation, vibrant orange buds find their way through these leaves, poking through a massive pile of crystalline white trichomes, which eventually makes this bud sticky.

Blissful Wizard strain is a result of a cross between the Captain's Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies with a combination of lime, lemon, and cream flavors. Its soaring high THC level placed this strain on the limelight when it won the first place in the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup as a non-solvent hash. This flavorful marijuana strain is the portion you need to conjure a happy headspace, as it eradicates all stresses of life at the blast of the otherworldly euphoria.

What are The Effects of The Blissful Wizard Yield?

The blissful wizard yield doesn't beat around the bush; it's a straightforward bud that induces its effect instantly after a puff or two. Firstly, it produces an uplifting buzz that awakens the spirit, leaving the user with a feeling of excitement. The mental clarity it provides allows users to think in a way they've never done before. It further fills the mind with a spark of creativity, birthing new ideas as it creates a pathway for the smooth flow of thoughts.

After an hour or two, users are engulfed in a deep relaxation mood. However, it doesn't leave its users couch-locked, getting up to accomplish tasks is possible, especially when taken within limitations.  

Tips for Growing Blissful Wizard

Only a few tips and information exist regarding growing Blissful Wizard. The most important of all is to give the plant adequate TLC, especially during its flowering stage. Ensure there are no pests attack and always check for mold and fungus because they pose a significant threat to this beautiful bud. Beginner growers may find it somewhat challenging growing this cannabis strain, so it isn't advisable for first-time growers. In terms of plant nourishment, organic supplement and fertilizers are all needed to ensure bountiful Blissful Wizard yield.

What Is The Medical Benefits of Blissful Wizard?

For marijuana patients seeking for potent flowers to relieve their symptoms, Blissful Wizard may become their favorite hybrid. This strain has a pain-fighting ability that helps patients struggling with severe pains. It also calms euphoria and clarifies clouded minds with overwhelming and negative thoughts, managing symptoms of depression and other mental issues. It works as an energy giver in patients experiencing fatigue, providing them with the needed energy to sustain them.   

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Blissful Wizard Yield